Birthday Party Cooking Workshops

At KidzCooking we make cooking fun for your kids and your kids birthday is no exception!

To check availability and book a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon  use our Birthday Party Booking Calendar .

We Can Accommodate Some afternoons During the week and Saturdays morning too- please inquire by email at For That

Format & Cost

The Birthday Party Cooking Workshops are 2 hours long and start at 3pm or at 3:30pm, depending on availability.

Our Chefs usually run your happy birthday cooking workshop for an hour- 1h15. The duration mostly depends on the chosen meals to prepare.

The Birthday Party Cooking Workshop costs Eur 330.- at our location for a group of up to 11 children and Eur 380.- for a group of up to 15 children maximum.

The workshop can be run at your place for the price of Eur 380.- (plus km distance fees and the ingredients fees that will be added to this price).

The price, for the workshop at our location, includes the cooking animation by one of our chefs in French or in English, also aprons, ingredients and to drink for children are included. Each child can participate actively.

We always Consider and adapt to any food intolerance the Children might-have .

Drinks for the adults as well as the snacks could be ordered separately. Every extra child if joined the group will be invoiced Eur 20.-

The cost Does not include a birthday cake, HOWEVER Birthday Cake Baking is one of the themes available so you are welcome to choose That INSTEAD. Of course, you are always welcome to bring your own cake.

We also recommend you to have a quick conversation with our chef prior to the event to discuss the agenda, the recipe, and pick up your child’s invitations and to make sure it is according to your expectations.

We ask you to pay for your party safely and directly on the web site when booking your date or per wire (please e-mail to, in order to reserve the date and the time.

You can book online at Any Time using our Birthday Party Booking Calendar . Once you make the reservation we will get in touch with you on any additional info that we need.

For any questions we stay at your disposal at or at this phone number +352 661 662 007


Apple tartlets
Soufflé au chocolat 1
Stuffed tomatoes 1
Brownie 1
KidsCooking Chia pudding and pears
Maki et Temaki sushi
Whoopies KidsCooking
Vegetarian quinoa burgers KidsCooking
Savoury pop cakes KidsCooking
Pumpkin Pie 1
Sablés & Décoration KidsCooking
Savoury Brioches 1
Red beets flan with surimi basil topping KidsCooking
Panna Cotta KidsCooking
Candies and Lollipops 1
Sablé à la confiture KidsCooking 1
Zuccini and seeds crackers KidsCooking
NY bagels KidsCooking
Mandarine cake KidsCooking
Lebanese pastry with pistachios KidsCooking
KidsCooking whole wheat cranberries scones
French macarons
Fantômes meringués KidsCooking
Polenta fries with tandoori sauce KidsCooking
Maki sushi aux fruits Kidscooking 2
Fish croquettes KidsCooking
Chocolate strawberries
ginger bread with caramel and chocolate topping KidsCooking
cheesecake KidsCooking
Cookies KidsCooking
Clafoutis aux prunes KidsCooking
Chinese ravioli photo
Bday cake KidsCooking
Bûche de Noël KidsCooking


For Any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email at  or call us at 661 662 007 .

Thank you,
KidzCooking Team