Chia coconut pudding and caramelized pears

Chia seeds deliver a big portion of nutrients with very few calories, among others omega 3 fats, proteins, vitamines B, manganese and magnesium.

Chia pudding with milk or with any dairy milk substitute is a delicious power breakfast for children and parents, easy to prepare in advance.

Ingredients :

1liter of milk

4 vanilla sugar packets

84g of sugar

80g of egg yolk (4-5 egg yolks)

25g de cornflour

25g de flour

50g de chia grains

3 pears

Bisquit : 100g of sugar, 200g of butter, 300g of flour, 100g of coconut powder

Shortbread bisquit: 100g sugar, 200g butter, 300g flour, 100g coconut powder, we mix all together to form the shortbreads from the dough, placed on the baking paper we bake about 20 minutes at 180°C.

Custard chia pudding: Heat one liter of milk in a pot with 4 vanilla sugar packets until boiling, in a bowl mix 84g of sugar with 4-5 egg yolks (until the mixture is white) then add 25g of flour and 25g of cornflour and half of heated milk from the pot. mix well and add 50g of chia grains, we transfer it into the pot with the remaining hot milk and stir until cream is cooking into more solid. The cream with chia need some time to cool and stay in the refrigerator, only then it’s possible to be cut and placed on the shortbread.

Cut the pears into thin slices, and prepare caramel with 100g of sugar and a little water, add a little butter and place the pears slices in the caramel, stir until the caramel is brown.

Arrange custard pudding (previously cooled in the silicone to keep the solid form) on each shortcake and 
decorate with the caramelized pears.


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