Christmas savoury macarons

French macarons with figs and goat cheese cream

Ingredients for macarons shells:
75g of egg white at room temperature
90g caster sugar
80g almond powder
80g icing sugar
10-15 drops of food coloring

Beat the whites in snow, add sugar, a few drops of coloring, slowly incorporate almond powder and icing sugar, 
pour the mixture into a socket pocket and form the shells, bake for 15 minutes at 150 ° C.

Ingredients for cream of figs with goat:
50g sugar for caramel
10 fresh figs
1 log of goat cheese
2 mascarpone 250g

Heat 50g sugar with a little water to make the caramel, incorporate 10 figs into skinless pieces, heat, 
add goat cheese without skin, the inside is mixed to obtain a homogeneous mixture 
which is poured into the mascarpone.


Les réservations sont closes pour cet événement.