Gingerbread Saint Nicolas cookies

Children love being involved in the kitchen and during this cooking class the spotlight will be on them, with the parent gently guiding and helping them in the process. Is there anything more theraputic than cutting a cookie dough with a cookie cutter?

We will prepare healthy gingerbread cookies together and each one of you will leave with their own creation to share with the rest of the family and a handout of the recipe for future home baking.

You and your child will work in pairs of two on your own Miele cooking station to prepare your batch of gingerbread cookies. We will then all sit down and taste our cookie creations.

The participation of one parent is required for this workshop. The workshop is best suited for children between 3 and 10 years old.

The price for a parent+child is 45 EUR.


Les réservations sont closes pour cet événement.